Sunday, July 4, 2010


Here is post by Anjali Chandrashekar ( ) about an amazing shop that she came by this summer.
Ever so often we crave for something sweet. Something sinful, something that can make your sweet tooth happy. Chocolate is undoubtedly that one thing that will give you a one way ticket to heaven or hell maybe.

I decided to review Choco World. A small shop amidst the numerous ones in Jayanagar III Stage,Bangalore.
The very word got me so curious that it lured me to this extremely colourful shop of sticky fantasies.
Greeted with amiable smiles I was showed around the small shop that left me aghast. The one thing I loved about the shop was the unbelievable variety they held. Most of them imported from Germany and Belgium, many which I never dreamed of seeing in India. From Ritter sport to ferrero raffaello and lindnt to Ice breakers they have everything.

They have a range of homemade chocolates which you are allowed to sample, and you wish you could keep sampling. I personally love dark chocolates and think they have tremendous variety. Milk chocolates, dark chocolates range from 15%-43% cocoa and 45% -70% cocoa. It’s a matter of tastes they say, If you are one for the liquorish there are a whole load of them . Then there is rum and raisin.
I previously tried some innovative flavours like Gulkand truffle &pan chocolate , both of which I am not a fan of. However I liked the fig and honey and coffee cream.

There were a whole load of Lidnt, Ferrero and Hershey’s products .A giant Hershey’s special dark chocolate bar caught my gaze for a whole 10 minutes. The wrapper made me feel like it was a willi wonka bar with a golden ticket straight to heaven. Another reason choco world is a must visit is the range of customised gifts they have.Chocolate bouquets, choco music records, slabs, gift boxes, candies, mugs are among the many choices of gifts. You could even get names written on them for you near and dear ones.

To sum it up it’s all sweet things you could dream of in one small package :)

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