About this Blog

This blog began in a very bizarre way. Two schoolmates competing with each other for one goal will perhaps not be inclined to get along. It was quite the same case with us. But somewhere along the way, while we hurled insults at each other and punctuated our replies with sarcasm, we realized that we have more in common than we, or anyone else would have imagined.

Being avid book readers and foodies, we hit off brilliantly. Over a lot of laughs, and a bunch of conversations, we exchanged ideas and several suggestions. Suddenly, we had a lot to talk about… and a lot of avenues to satiate our hunger, for words… and food….!

A random suggestion by Karthikeyan, set this idea in motion. We could begin a blog, and document our experiences… We had a fair bit to say after all!

One week later, we began. And we plan to go on for a very long time. So do stay with us, and enjoy the ride.

Of Papyrus and Paprika… A blog that talks about the best things that world has to offer…

We'll keep you posted twice every week or so. Get ready to assuage your appetite.. literally and figuratively!