Saturday, May 15, 2010

And Thereby hangs a tale!

jeff arch

Name: And Thereby hangs a tale
Author: Jeffrey Archer

My fellow bibliophiles, once more we have a book that will draw us into its realms and keep us engrossed. Once more we find a tome that will force us to keep the pages turning and leave us with a throat choked with emotion as every story ends… well, mostly anyway!

Largely based on true incidents and partly derived from his imagination, in his usual disarming way Archer surprises us with a twist at the climax of every tale. Each narrative is unique and entertaining enough to ensure that the reader isn’t tired of the monotony of the same voice. The reader instead, embarks upon a journey to different parts of the world… Italy.. London… Ireland.. India… and many other places where he has a rendezvous with characters from different strata of life.Cunningly woven, each short story explores a theme that is extremely different from its predecessor and successor.

For the greater part, the book is pure genius, but certain stories may leave an ardent fan disappointed. When viewed as a package, though, the book is an ABSOLUTE treasure, with a plethora of protagonists from a woman with a fetish for shoes.. to a diplomat with bad social skills… to Death himself! I flipped over the first page with a beaming smile and turned over the last one with a glistening tear in my eye! Jeffrey Archer’s latest book covers a myriad range of human emotions over fifteen novellas that cant fail to touch the heart of even an ardent hater of fiction!

Read them all at once… Or read them one at at a time and savour the magic… Read them in any order and over any span of time… But just be sure you Read them all. You wont regret investing your time.


  1. Wow! This will be in my reading list as well! ;)
    This seems somewhat similar to the book Poison in the Tale. It also starts as a normal story and ends with a shocking twist! It's just awesome!! Hope to get my hands on this one as well. Thanks for sharing! :)

    PS: Love the new theme!! :D

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